Metronome Productions.


Scope of work.

Design and development of a full graphic package for the tv-show.

The premise


A handful of couples is to build and develop the interior of their new house. Two judges determines who gets the most points. After 8 episodes the winner gets to keep the house.


I wanted to show the creative process of developing the design ideas flow as a kind of mosaic or a moodboard of different cutouts and paintovers.


The client skipped the idea in the end. But the project was fully developed, the only thing that remained was the logo.

The process


Together with the stylescape I created a storyboard so the client knew how I wanted the final piece to be. 





Based on the moodboard the stylescape was created, so the client had a look and feel for the direction we were heading.





Once we agreed on what direction we wanted the styleframes was generated to deminish the risk of misundersandings.